Greensteds Community | Lower Rift Regional League 2022/2023 Zone A1

Greensteds Community Players list

Lower Rift Regional League 2022/2023 Zone A1

Gakuo Derrick

Reg: FKF024173
Gikandi Charles

Reg: FKF032445
Githaiga John

Reg: FKF031417
Inyaino Fred

Reg: FKF032250
Ismael Jamal

Reg: FKF032191
Kamau John

Reg: FKF032087
Kamau Joseph

Reg: FKF032190
Kanyoro Chris

Reg: FKF032183
Kimani Andrew

Reg: FKF031276
Kimani Gideon

Reg: FKF032251
Kimani Michael

Reg: FKF032247
Maina Joseph

Reg: FKF031275
Masheti Rony

Reg: FKF032444
Mburu Erick

Reg: FKF031272
Moindi Boaz

Reg: FKF033022
Muhumed Jibril

Reg: FKF031274
Muiruri Geoffrey

Reg: FKF032581
Neepe Salaman

Reg: FKF031403
Ogada Marcton

Reg: FKF032248
Omondi Rennick

Reg: FKF031271
Ondari Collins

Reg: FKF032579
Suleman Arkota Jabbona

Reg: FKF032443
Wahiu Gachie

Reg: FKF032249
Wainaina Bonface

Reg: FKF032067
Waithira Francis

Reg: FKF031269
Wambua Benson

Reg: FKF004917
Wambugu Jefferson

Reg: FKF004919
Wambui John

Reg: FKF031273
  Greensteds Community has 28 players registered for the Lower Rift Regional League 2022/2023 Zone A1


: +254 720 279 909

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