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Corona Extra is Mexico’s number one beer, USA’s top import and is hugely popular worldwide. In fact it is among the top five beer brands globally. It’s the flagship beer of Grupo Modelo, who are based in Mexico City, but Corona Extra is brewed under licence all around the world.

Corona pours to a very pale, watery-yellow colour with masses of carbonation forming a thinnish head which doesn’t last long enough to deposit any lace on the glass. There is very little aroma; perhaps some grainy, corn notes with a faint, sulphurous tone and some boiled vegetables. It’s maybe a good thing the aroma is so understated…..otherwise you’d gag.

Oh dear.
To say this is light-bodied would be stretching a point, although to be fair, it is a little beefier than water. Speaking of water, it has many similar characteristics of water in the flavour department but none of the complexity. It is slightly sweet and there’s a faint corn-husk flavour and…….nope, that’s it. No hop flavour, no malt taste, no nothing. The finish is….well, let’s just say it doesn’t come quick enough.
Thankfully, there’s no aftertaste either.

You could stick a wedge of lemon or lime in it – at least it would taste of something.

At 4.6% ABV, this is akin to alcoholic water. If you want a beer buzz but hate the taste of beer, this is for you. The closest this stuff comes to beer is when it’s sitting next to a real beer on a shelf in the bottle shop, or listed next to Chimay in Michael Jackson’s book of the top 500 beers (as if!).
Corona has turned the Reinheitsgebot on its head. Instead of using only hops, malt, water and yeast – they seem to have perfected the art of brewing beer without any malt or hops. I dare say if they could find something cheaper than water, they’d bung that in as well.
Corona Extra comes in a clear bottle – perhaps the hope is that if it skunks, at least it will have some flavour.

Don’t, whatever you do, serve this anything less than ice-cold or it’ll change from being bland and tasteless to being nasty and revolting. You have been warned.

Food pairings? – who cares. No wait, it would probably be great when you’re having a barbecue – just in case anything caught fire – you could pour this guff on the flames (although it probably wouldn’t put out a fire either).

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