Asda Low Fat Madagscan Vanilla Yoghurt

Whether it’s a brand name or a supermarket’s own variety, I am always willing to try a yoghurt of any sort. One of the most recent ones I have tried happens to be from a supermarket; Asda low fat Madagascan Vanilla. I’ve always loved vanilla yoghurts, and the word ‘Madagascan’ made it sound all the more special.

This yoghurt comes in quite a tall pot, with a toffee brown coloured label. On this there is a picture of a flower, obviously symbolising the vanilla. There is no indication as to what the yoghurt itself looks like though. However, when you peel back the lid, which is not too difficult with just a few spurts of yoghurt, you will notice that it is actually quite a pale creamy colour. Through this delicious colour you will see little black specks (no, the yoghurt doesn’t have black heads, do not worry!). This was a good sign – I’d had luxurious vanilla yoghurts before and they always had the little specks! And the sweet delicious vanilla aroma was so strong and appealing, I could not wait to give it a try!

Everything seemed fantastic so far, but how would it taste? That was the important question! I swooped down the spoon and shovelled a fair amount into my mouth, so I could give it a proper taste examination. The taste exploded out straight away – a very sugary sweet and delicious vanilla flavour taking over my taste buds. This yoghurt was quite thin, but in no way watery so it didn’t feel too heavy either!

Delicious? Yes. But was it healthy? The only way to solve that one was to look at the details on the back! The values are given in both 100g and per pot too. Each 150g pot contains just 135 calories and 21.8g sugars. It also has 1.7g fat. That in itself is reasonable, but as this is meant to be low-fat, it’s not as good as the low fats that are virtually fat free. However, this is a great source of calcium, and is suitable for vegetarians.

WARNING:: contains milk, and may contain traces of nuts or seeds.

So far, everything seemed great, but how would it past in the versatility test? Well there is the perfect amount in here for adding to Weetabix. You could also add it to fruit too; I would suggest the ‘sweeter’ fruits for this one, such as strawberries, raspberries, or quite possibly bananas. It’s a little too tall to add in a lunch box, though serving it as a snack or dessert after a meal is a great idea. As it is made of tough cardboard rather than plastic, it is not too good idea to wash and reuse as it would just fall apart. Ne’er fear though, the pot is recyclable!

Any problems yet? None at all! The next factor to consider is the price. With the credit crunch still dominating, more and more of us are watching what we spend. Thankfully this Asda yoghurt does not cause the banks to break! This single pot costs just 28p, which I personally feel is a phenomenal price to pay! The yoghurt also has a fairly reasonable shelf life too, with around a fortnight of life in the fridge (it would probably last longer in the freezer, but this is not recommended).

As fantastic as this may seem, does it beat the rest? I’d say vanilla, next to strawberry, is one of the most bought flavours of yoghurt. This means I have had the chance to try quite a lot of them before. The Muller Light vanilla yoghurt is a lot thinner, though there is a lot more in the pot. The Weight Watchers yoghurt is quite creamy and sweet but only comes in packs. Asda’s Good For You one has more in the pot, put it is very watery and weak. The Muller Amore Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Flakes is indeed delicious and creamy, but it is quite pricey and very unhealthy too! In general, I would say this ranks fairly high in the Vanilla Yoghurt list!

It’s all well me saying this is delicious; I can recommend it as much as I would. But would you like it? It’s quite sweet and tangy at the same time, so you need to be able to handle slightly peculiar experiences! It’s nice and healthy, and perfect for adding to other things. If this sounds like a yoghurt you are looking for, then yes, go for it! However, you do need to be situated near an Asda (or be willing to travel!) to enjoy this delicious yoghurt! Next time you fancy vanilla, try Asda’s low fat Madagascan Vanilla yoghurt!

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