Find Video Marketing Success with These Techniques

Understanding your target audience is not all you need to do if you want video marketing success, you also need to work to give them consistent and real value. Many video marketers have made big names for themselves simply by taking all of the right steps at the right time and therefore ensuring that their […]

Beer Reviews Michelob Ultra

Reviewing beers can be a dangerous, yet thrilling occupation. Separated for months on end from friends and family, living under a constant threat. Moments of sheer boredom are interspersed with extreme exhilaration….. um, wait a minute, that’s being a soldier.

Take 2.

Reviewing beers does have it’s dangers though, there’s always the chance that […]

Beer Reviews Maredsous 10

Most people generally associate Belgium with luxury chocolates or antique lace, but the poor fools are overlooking one of the nation’s best products: beer. In fact, Belgium is the world’s mecca for beer and it has traditionally been a very important part of the Belgian culture. At the turn of the century, there were […]

Beer Reviews Corona Extra

Corona Extra is Mexico’s number one beer, USA’s top import and is hugely popular worldwide. In fact it is among the top five beer brands globally. It’s the flagship beer of Grupo Modelo, who are based in Mexico City, but Corona Extra is brewed under licence all around the world.

Corona pours to a […]

Cooking with Basil Basil Tips

Basil is an annual plant that has very specific scent and taste and has thus gotten numerous culinary applications. Basil can be grown easily, even at home. The scent of fresh basil is unforgettable and even better – the herb is connected to various health benefits.

Dry or fresh basil leaves are used in […]

Art of Cheesemaking

“How To Make Swiss Cheese”

Swiss cheese is actually made only in North America. In Europe and Australia it’s called Emmental, though the exact recipe differs somewhat. Swiss cheese is perhaps one of the most easily recognized cheeses thanks to the large holes or “eyes” that riddle it. This is actually due to the […]

Assessing Instant Coffee

If I were the hat-wearing type, I’d tip this head-covering appliance to the person who came up with the idea of instant coffee. Unlike some if not many of my colleagues who have expressed their views on this topic, I do not desire that four dollar cup of Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, or any of […]

A look at the different Types of Hops

Hops in beer is what keeps the malt from being too sweet. There are two types of acid in hops. They are alpha acid (AA) and beta acid (BA). The alpha acids are the precursor to beer bitterness. The beta acid is not as strong and loses its potency in the brewing process. The […]