Beginners Guide to Bread Makers and Bread Machines

What is better than a slice of butter-melting warm bread in the morning, the fragrance of fresh baked bread filling your home, or even better, inexpensive and healthy homemade food with no preservatives! These thoughts got me interested in making my own bread. I tried it by hand in the past, but with a […]

Beer Reviews Fullers Summer Ale

A review of a summer ale at this time of year? When warm balmy evenings are but a distant memory and darker evenings are the norm? What can I say? I drank this beer a good few weeks ago when it was indeed summer and I’ve only now got round to putting pen to […]

Authentic Scottish Finnan Hadie Recipe

The Scottish name, “Finnan Hadie” has come down through the years from from “Findon haddock.” The origin can be traced backwards many centuries to a time when there was an absolute glut of haddock in the small Aberdeen fishing village of Findon (pronounced as “Finnan” locally, hence the name of the dish).

Out of […]

Asda Low Fat Madagscan Vanilla Yoghurt

Whether it’s a brand name or a supermarket’s own variety, I am always willing to try a yoghurt of any sort. One of the most recent ones I have tried happens to be from a supermarket; Asda low fat Madagascan Vanilla. I’ve always loved vanilla yoghurts, and the word ‘Madagascan’ made it sound all […]

Apple Picking Tips and Tricks

Apple picking time is a favorite time of year for many families, and if they don’t have their own trees, there are many orchards across the country that provide opportunities. For the most part, this occurs from August through October, however, there are areas where the apple season differs. This is not a difficult […]

An Update on Huntington Wv and how They’re Overcoming Obesity

Some cities are known for their history, some for landmarks and others for the problems they face. Something Huntington, West Virginia became known for in 2006 was the amount of obese residents they have. They were dubbed ‘The US’s fattest city’ by The Associated Press. Nearly half of the adults who live in this […]